Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Day 15 Victorville to Santa Monica

As we left in glorious 80 degree sunshine little did we know, 5 miles down the valley, we would be in thick, cold fog and experience a drop in temp of 20 degrees! we pulled over to the shoulder on the Interstate to try and cover up but it was mad, fast, cold and dangerous as we hit the LA rush hour, not helped by Andy from ER's need for speed, which had one or two of our less experienced people longing to got off the congested Interstate.
We got off at the next exit ramp to change into warmer clothes and grab a coffee before getting back on the Interstate to the Santa Monica exit. This was about a 75 mile ride straight across LA; a sprawling city that looked anything but inviting from this view point.

As we approached Santa Monica, the pier, our final destination came into view. Horns began to blast and bikes were revved hard accompanied by Yahoo's! I was doing both with great enthusiasm when I realised I was beside a CA highway patrol cop...oops! but he smiled and shook his head..ha ha.

As we dismounted we cheered and hugged each other, so pleased to have come through without any major incident; emotions were high and tears of joy and relief spilled out. Terry, PB and I ran to the Pacific Ocean and straight in cheering as we went. The dream had been fulfilled.
Live life, love life & fear not the unknown for we are here for just a blink in time so try to write your own small piece of history.

A British journalist happened to be passing as we rode into the parking area at the pier head. Curious,; he came over and struck up a conversation. Next thing you know he's taking pictures and did an interview for a local Brit paper, http://www.british-weekly.com/. Click on the link and go to local news, "Vultures roar into Santa Monica" is the headline.
Back at E. Riders we returned our filthy bikes, once such shiny clean machines, even Ed's was dirty and that's remarkable! before being ferried to our Hotel. We now have 3 x days to relax in LA before our long journey home.
One lucky person PB (map man) is here for another week. He will be taking US Pacific highway 1 up to Sanfrancisco before he returns home, so good luck and safe riding to him.
Thank you for reading and I would like to thank you all for the comments received.

Ride safe....Big Rog!


HarleyGuy said...

Glad you guys made it with no problems. Congratulations on fulfilling your "dream ride". I bet you all will have tales to tell for a long time. Next time you get to this side of the pond and near Chicago/Joliet, let me know.

Nice blogging, by the way.


Bosun said...

what a cracking photo of the bike and helmet

bosun said...

thanks rog for this blog
its been great fun reading it
i think the photo of you on the beach with paul sums up how much you have enjoyed it


Anonymous said...

Well done guys! Sounds like a huge success. I like your comments Rog, you are der maan!

Catch you back in Blighty.


Caz said...

Hi Roger ...did eventually clock in to your blog. I'll blame my computer!

Fantastic record of your exciting travels...it does sound like a journey of a life time. Discussing ILPs (Individual Learning Plans)for my students just isn't comparable is it?

Not sure what your return date is but look forward to hearing all about your spiritual journey.. Safe trip home...don't fall off at this stage!lol Cazx

Karen & Dave said...

Birthday greetings to Sue Luck for Wednesday 23rd from all the Lucks in Poole

Anonymous said...

well done Roger! glad you made it!! look forward to hearing about it all wen ur back


Jen n' Tel said...

What a blast! One huge roller coaster of experiences and emotions - this will take a long time to come down from. I suppose I'd better get off to the Harley shop now! See y'all.

Big Rog said...

Thank you to everyone that has read and contributed to our blog, it has been great fun writing it and I hope you all enjoyed it and got a taste of the adventure we experienced.

Big Rog!

Anonymous said...


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