Monday, 7 May 2007

Day 1, Chicago

Well what an eventful first and very long day! At Heathrow Sue took her sons passport rather that Eds which infused a mild panic at check in! Their son, being a hero, jumped in the car and rushed to the airport to save the day.

Terry had his lid sprayed in the stars and stripes with a route 66 logo on the back and it looks brilliant but managed to snap the peak before he even wore it!

Eileen runs the bar in our hotel and what a character, she ripped into us and us her and kept us entertained until PB, Colin & Di arrived. All had a smooth journey and their reports of the windy city were inspired.

Mike & I (big Rog) although dead tired , just could not go to bed. We took a stroll to find Blues bar "Buddy Guys Legends" and enjoyed the most amazing blend of Blues Rock I've heard for many a year. Lots of friendly people all interested in our trip and offering us their best wishes.

Clocked PB's new bike last night, parked in the lot.....very cool dude these days!

Big Rog signing off


Anonymous said...

All sounds very good!
Got your picture message Dad of the view, looks great!
Have a great 66
Love Chris, Zegna and the boys

the travellers said...

Glad to hear you got there safely. We're all very jealous but are eager to read about your adventures... so keep blogging!

Be safe! Amalia, Helen, Mina and Philip

Anonymous said...

Say Hi to John Stevens and his wife for me. He's a coworker of mine in our company's London office ( I'm in Los Angeles and a Duc rider)and I promised him a pint once he hits The Santa Monica Pier. I've driven that 66 route twice... however riding a bike would be a different event entirely!.. Hope you get the opportunity to update your blog as you go along. Starbucks Coffee all have WiFi.



HarleyGuy said...

You boys try and have a good time now. hehe Post pics for us along the way and enjoy those new Harley's. Ride safe!

Ben Custance said...

My dad breaks everything, just like my lego and transformers the day before christmas. Every toy i ever got was broken.... when i was given it. Have fun guys. Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene

Sounds like your having a wonderful time.

Cant believe that you have not been left behind yet...for failure to get on your bike on time!

Much love to you and John.
Take care out there.
Rachel xx