Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Day 2 Chicago

Today we spent seeing the sights of this beautiful city, put it on your list of places to see. Some of us went up the Sears tower, currently the tallest building in town, but not for long I'm sure.

Some went to visit the aquarium and saw the dolphins being trained, excellent! We all met up for an architectural river cruise and learnt a lot about Chicago's history as well as seeing some awesome buildings. The knowledge of the tour guide ground a few people down by the end though.

Headed to the Hard Rock Cafe to see if it's as good as London, based our experience, I would say not, but we were there in the afternoon so maybe a little unfair?

Some, now tired from the 8o degree heat, returned to hotel while Mike and I found one of the Harley dealerships and had a wee spend!

Forty winks kip and then we'll hit the town.....damn it's 22.00 never mind must need the sleep. Picking up bikes tomorrow, then the real trip begins.

Thanks to those who have posted comments, it's great to know you are checking the blog. We will do our best to keep it up to date and are trying to put some pics on.


Anonymous said...

are you actually going to do any riding? or are you just having a big ole jolly!

only joking, it all sounds and looks very cool, we'll be following your progress with interest.

take care and ride em like you stole em!

Love Chris, Zegna and the boys xxx
(Big kisses to Grandad from your little boys. You really are the coolest Grandad around!!! xxx)

Anonymous said...

all sounds great so far, looking forward to reading the next instalment! have fun!

jan and alicia xx (remember us?!)

Tim Wheatley said...

Hi. I met one of the group in a doctor's office in Chicago. Wish you the best of luck on your trip!

Safe riding!

Mr K said...

Mr K here, beginning to wish I was with you, will probably be more pissed off as time goes on, oh well c'est la vie. ride safe and remember they are harleys not yamahas so dont abuse them !!

Mr K said...

Its Mr K here thinking of you all and wishing that maybe just maybe I should have been there, oh well c'est la vie.

Ride safe and have a good time, xx