Sunday, 20 May 2007

Day 10 Santa Fe to Gallop N. Mexico

Well Sorry for the absence but we've been out in the middle of nowhere, yes that's America, and I have not been able to get to a PC....21st Century or what????

Left Santa Fe in dubious looking weather grey skies and cold! with the promise of thunder storms! Made it to St. Bernadillio without getting wet, hit The Range Cafe for some grub as the weather continued to improve, then onto Albuquerque for a bit of browsing. Lots of Indians selling beautiful jewelry on the streets; all hand made.

Left for Gallop with lightening forking to earth in the distance and the next 65 miles were awful. We got wet at last...soaked actually, but made it to hotel in one piece; speaking of which I found out that RL has been packing a Smith & Wesson 48 caliber pistol under his vest....just in case! As an ex Cop he's entitled to carry a concealed weapon. Mm mm comforting eh? 250 miles and we were all very tired. Tomorrow we head for Williams Arizona.

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