Sunday, 20 May 2007

Day 11 Gallop to Williams Arizona

Left the crap hotel (first bad one) and RL took us to visit at the heart of the Indian Nations. We went to "Window Rock" the capital of the Navajo Indian people. We were so privileged as no other tour has ever been taken here. RL worked his magic and the next thing we were given a tour of their government building and met the legislative administrator of their national council. His name was Dr James Davies and he was so inspirational about the cause for Indian progression. I am sure with men like him at the helm their plight will continue to improve. They were also honoured at our interest, so much so that they made us honouree Navajos, gave us all a national flag and took our pictures with their government members. Window Rock has left a lasting impression on us all; a life changing experience.

Then we went onto the Hubble trading post. The oldest in existence, started in 1870 and still active today. It was this trading post that kept the Navajo alive during the 1900's as the area where their reservation is, is remote. A wonderful piece of history with wonderful things for sale...bigger cases needed coming home!!
Jen met a group of bikers staying at our hotel, they called themselves the "Goat Heads" and they were loud and drunk, but not as loud and drunk as Jen and she had them all tamed in under an hour ! They were great guys and all sought out Jen, before they rode off, to give her a cuddle and good wishes.

Then we rode across " The painted dessert" and the scenery was breathtaking. The mountains of red rock bottoming out into vast plains or ranges as they call them. At Flagstaff Richard got another puncture repair underway before we rolled into Williams, a real old cowboy town and the gateway to the Grand Canyon. 280 miles today, now on Pacific time so your all 8 hours ahead of us.

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