Sunday, 20 May 2007

Day 13 Williams to Laughlin Nevada

100 degrees forecast today? First stop Saligman, a brilliant old town famous for flagstone and a railway line that opened the West still further. We can spend for England and we do, every time we stop at one of these curios old places.
We had lunch in Kingman before heading into the mountains and our first taste of twisty roads. No sweat for us though as we are used to smaller tighter turns back home. One or two of the ladies did have a quick..check my underware moment but we all rode through the mountains safely. The heat; that's the real problem, all drinking lots of water.

Oatman is an old mining town that left all its Mules behind when the Gold ran out, and very healthy they look, with tourists feeding them carrots by the bucket load! We witnessed a gun fight, a murdur and a robbery outside the Wells Fargo office before jumping back on the bikes for the final run into Laughlin, now 110 degrees!

We arrived at our hotel, it's a Casino, in the middle of the dessert with the Colorado River running beside it. It's here because the Americans like to gamble and chill other reason. I think they must be mad. It feels as if you are sitting in front of a fan assisted oven at 400, with the door open, and that's 6pm!

Journeys end is in sight, LA is about 300 miles away. It seems a long time since we left Chicago.

4 comments: said...

Hello to all the Brits!

This is J. P., whom you met at the hotel in Chicago. I arrived home yesterday and am in the process of catching up.

I have not yet read your blog, but Laura and I have looked at the pictures. Did you eat all of that steak in Texas? I have never seen one so large.

I did read about the Navajo nation. There is a series of books written by Tony Hillerman about a Navajo detective. It is a well known series, and I have enjoyed it. Perhaps you would also. I suggest buying it here as it would undoubtedly be less expensive than in Jolly Old England.

Enjoy the ride.

J. P. Johnston

Keith & Sandra said...

Hi Guys

You all look really well, Jen you are looking good and the story so far has been great to follow, well done Roger. The Grand Canyon looked awesome. Please can you send some of the hot dry weather over here as since you have been gone we have had rain/cold weather although today Sunday has been better. We look forward the next instalment.

Take care


Keith & Sandra

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you all again, we were getting withdrawal symptions!!!
Can't believe you are nearly there, well done to all.
We celebrated Samuels birthday today and the boys really missed their good old Grandad. Samuel, Leo, Nathan and Alicia had a water fight in the garden!! Chaos!!
The whole family gathered around the PC to read your blog, very enjoyable.
Leo goes into hospital on Thursday morning for his tonsil op, so it was the last chance for the family to get together for a while as we will be in quarantine!!!
Really looking forward to seeing you all. Enjoy LA, oh and Mike i hear the shops are amazing there!! Do some retail therapy for me! (Zegna xxx)
See you next week
Love Chris,Zegna and the boys xxx

HarleyGuy said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. I hope you took sunscreen with you. I got worried when you didn't post for a few days, but I kinda figured that you were out in the middle of nowhere.

Ride Safe!