Sunday, 20 May 2007

Day 12 Grand Canyon

Oh My God...This certainly is one of the seven wonders of the world. Seeing this piece of nature with ones own eyes is almost a religious experience and I cannot begin to describe it. Just look at the pictures and try to imagine it and promise that one day you will take yourself there; you will be a better person for the experience. We took a helicopter ride ...scared the living Sh.... out of not only

We took a train journey to the state park of the Gran Canyon, our coach, the club car, looked after my brother and I but our group were spread throughout the train. It had a bar and it had Jack.
Jack was our host and barman for the trip. The most motivated guy you ever met and really good fun, I offered him a job as a salesman if he ever comes to England.

We got bushwhacked by outlaws and robbed of our green backs, but all in a great spirit. We also had musicians playing for us. A fantastic day out. We were all so tired when we got back we had some food and watched the live band play outside our hotel before retiring for well earned sleep. Another early start tomorrow as the real dessert begins and we have been warned by RL that it will be no picnic!

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bosun said...

most excellent
still envious, despite the excelelnt rally i had here