Friday, 11 May 2007

Day 4 Chicago to Springfield

Well as I am sure you are aware Springfield, Illinois was the home of Abe Lincoln, hence the photo.

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog but last nights stopover had no Internet access or PC to use and I was unable to scrounge one?

Left Chicago in a humid mist , which when burnt off left us basking in 90 degree temps. We covered 210 miles today. Mike did really well and hasn't fallen off yet! Our van driver is called in Thunder birds so imagine the stick he's getting "yes milady"

There are 70 Irish Police bike cops on 66 too and we met up with them , they are doing the trip in 10 days so we wont see them again but they were a real nice bunch. The old Route 66 is a tiny road in most cases and is aligned with Interstate 55 so its easy to jump on and off it as necessary. Mostly very flat farmland so far but are told RL (Jack Parlance in disguise) that it gets better tomorrow; more news then.

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