Friday, 11 May 2007

Day 5 Springfield to Rolla Missouri

We rode 230 miles today, weather fine and sunny am but we did catch a thunder storm in the afternoon. Lots of groovy fork lightning. We visited the Merrimack Caverns and just in time to avoid most of the wet stuff. Everyone is looking just a little tired after the euphoria of yesterday and hot baths and a good meal are required to build us up for tomorrow. The ride will be a full day in the saddle, not sure exactly what miles yet but will let you know. Now its time for me to go get some grub. The rest of them went to eat half an hour ago. There's dedication for you!

The countryside is far prettier now, more hills and dales, very green fertile land. I can see why the early settlers began farming here. Massive grain silos, and ploughed fields so wide you cant see the far side. We are at a Best Western hotel tonight, better than yesterdays motel. I have added a few more pictures below as don't know when I might get another opportunity. Hope you enjoy them, cheers. (inset left to right, Big Rog, Mikey the Pikey and RL alias Jack Parlance)


Anonymous said...

Hiya Rog,
Looks like your enjoying yourself, the photos are coming out really good on the website.
See you soon mate!
I want to see a dvd that is as good as 'Long Way Round' when you get back!!

Anonymous said...

Rog, it's edd again.. URGENT
I hope I don't put a downer on things & the person your sharing with doesn't read this, but I posted your Canestan cream out this morning...
I hope the rash clears mate x

Anonymous said...

Big Rog?, I have just seen your picture which I have forwarded to a couple of your key accounts. I said that your on hols in LA with a couple of male friends. Glad your well and enjoying it looks great! enjoy Digger (now managing a few more key accounts)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rog and Dad, it's all looking very cool! i'm not jealous at all!

Can't believe i missed your call dad, i was dealing with a weary slag in Edmonton at the time, the usual, no licence or insurance.

Weather here is pants so you're not missing anything, someone coming to buy my CBR tomorrow,

Finally been given a date for Leos tonsil op on 24th May, thank goodness.

Have got weekend off now so if you get another chance to phone that'll be great.

Ride safe all of you.

Keep em Rolling!

Chris, Zen and Boys xxx

Bosun said...

alll looking good folks
and still not jealous (much)

Im starting to look for a lot of wood here in the UK as its pouring down

i want to build a boat with 30 floors, and fishtanks on each floor
yes a multi story carp ark

its ok i know where my coat is :)