Monday, 14 May 2007

Day 8 Weatherfield Ok to Amerilo Texas

Hi y'all...That's Texan for hello and yes sir'eee that's where we gone an got ourselves today. 198 miles and the sun stayed with us all the way.

We stopped at the museum of motoring today, it was really more like a cowboy town with artifacts of times gone by, but it was great and we got loads of pics, If Boson was here he would still be in there.

RL set up a surprise for us and we met two of the wildest hillbilly hippies I ever did see. They gave us a fantastic welcome and sang songs and played guitars for us as well as supplying us with red neck sandwiches, they were both as mad as fish! Then we did some great riding leaving Oklahoma at the Texas State line where we stopped in a quiet section road and did some video's of us riding without our helmets ...oooh naughty!

The prairies of Texas are vast, it's like a country all on it's own and that's what the Texans say. The final part of the ride got a bit scary as we entered the city. The drivers were not so courteous and it all got a bit messy for a while, but we made it safely to our motel. We had 40 minutes to get showered and changed as RL had arranged for Limo's to collect us and take us to the "Big Texan Steak House" this is where you can attempt to eat a 72 ounce steak in under an hour; if successful, it's free! Brilliant atmosphere as I hope the pics show. Tomorrow we head for Santa Fey where we have a rest day. We expect to get into the mountains so big changes afoot.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like its all going well.
Wet, wet, wet here!


Bosun said...

getting more and more envious by the day :)

enjoy your days rest coming up