Sunday, 13 May 2007

Day 7 Tulsa to Weatherfield Oklahoma

OK, We're in Oklahoma, home of all those much loved western movies made during the 1950's. Cattle and oil rule the day in this State and it is obvious to see. The trailer homes have turned into luxurious spreads with land as far as the eye can see. It has been boiling hot today and I'm told by RL that it will get a little hotter each day as we head on towards Texas and the dessert.
Must say, Eddie Luck made me laugh this morning. He was talking all things bike, as one does, then referred to the great mark as Darly Healership. Oh no he said one for the guessed right Eddie.
We rode 198 miles today but were delayed in getting away as our support vehicle broke down! Funny that, the bikes are fine? We left the truck and luggage behind to get fixed. At a place called Edmond we visited a Pioneer Museum. It was very interesting showing many exhibits from the old pioneering days when the West was being one. As these brave adventurers headed into the unknown they could make about 15 miles a day and that was if there was no rain.
Some of the brilliant roads of yesterday became terrible ones today; overgrown, uneven, gravelled, pot holed, road name it there was even a dead snake, it was bad and we had to go real slow. It was great to reach the Motel where the swimming pool offered an oasis to refresh tired bodies. Couple that with a few beers and a good nights sleep before we head off, chasing the setting sun, on day 8 of our adventure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dodger !!
Thanks for your note, I am tracking your journey on the blog site. Great idea as it's almost like I am there too. Drink a couple of Budweisers (or Michelobs) for me and post a few more pictures. Wish I was there with you, Mick (Bruce) and the team.
Cheers mate

Wonder Worm

Anonymous said...

All sounding totally awesome, wish we were there with you all.
It is absolutely pouring with rain here today, which makes us really envious of you guys.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to tomorrows blog!

Love to all
Chris, Zegna and the boys

sophia said...

Hiya Rog and co, Im so jealous of you guys having such a great time doing something you love. You seem to be having such fun. So much better than being in South africa, but at least im off to Oz next week,lol. Oh, and no matter how hungry you are, dont eat the roadkill,lol
Be good and see you in june
Sophia xxxx

Bosun said...

I dont think i would have stopped to photograph that dodgy lot by the side of the bridge :D LOL

today we rode to kent to meet the smugglers,submarines would have been better, its so wet, and they didnt turn up
ha ha :)

happy riding