Saturday, 12 May 2007

Day 6 Rolla Mo to Tulsa Ok

Hi everyone. We have just done 12 hours, give or take a few comfort breaks, and covered 320 miles of awesome roads. We've seen a lot of poverty, believe it or not, and great wealth all nestled around each other. The land is so green; even more so than Ireland! No sights to see today as had too far to ride, but Ive been asked to mention to Terry Custance's Doctor that the hands are holding up well, its the rest of his body that's giving up!

Passed some Civil War battle fields and rode through the area where The Outlaw Josie Whales dished out his blend of Missouri justice back in the 1800's. The sense of history is with me all the way and I think I speak for all when I say that we are all astounded by the hospitality shown to us. Last night Mike, Andre, Diesel and I went to a bar called the "Tata-Patch" a biker bar. They gave us free food and we chatted up the modern day version of a saloon Gal called Patsy, part Cherokee Indian, she was lovely. It was as if we had just stepped into the film set of Every Which Way But Loose!

This is Rosie here to everyone I know .

having a great time and thinking of you all. the trip is really fantastic , the scenery is better than expected and the riding is just out of this world .

the bike and i are as one know after all my panics and i could ride on and on .

love to you all . sorry phone not working.

love raa x.


MichaelBates said...

Welcome to Tulsa! I hope you enjoy your stay.

MichaelBates said...

And if you have time, be sure to stop in Stroud at the Rock Cafe. You'll get great food and a friendly welcome.

Big Rog said...

Thanks Michael that's kind of you to let us know. We are waiting for our support viechle, that has developed a mechanical fault, to be repaired before rolling on to Weatherford. Thanks for your comments. Big Rog

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're still having a great time! mum wishes she was there in indian country- perhaps you could bring her back a brave?!

going down to caravan tomorrow- bet you wish we could swap places... not!

best be off now- Eurovision Song Contest is on hehe!

Love Jan and Alicia xxxx

Bosun said...

loving this log

that bar sounds cool

happy Riding

Roland Rat said...

Looks like you are having a great time.. weather here is persisting pissing it down.. Message for John and Arlene .. Rach and Roll are offering pillion services if not too late.. hope the seat worked out well .. Missing you both XXX